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RMCI Financial Services offers securities investments as well as life insurance and annuities to meet all of your savings, investment, and retirement needs. Additionally, we are proud to recommend tax preparation services through our strategic partner, RMCI Tax Service. Our financial services objective is to help you develop a financial plan that maximizes efficiency with regard to one topic in particular: taxes. Please feel free to give us a call and schedule your complimentary financial services review.


RMCI Financial Services offers investments through Brookstone Capital Management based in Chicago, Illinois. RMCI chose to partner with BCM because they are a mid-sized Registered Investment Advisor large enough to offer nearly the entire universe of securities investments to our clients, but small enough to still be very responsive to the average investor. Additionally, Brookstone uses a stable of independent, tactical money managers whose focus is to attempt to avoid large market drawdowns. While many advisors subscribe to a buy and hold strategy and diversification across multiple asset classes for their clients, the financial crisis of 2008 proved the need for a more active management philosophy. While all securities investments carry risk of loss, we believe that attempting to avoid the large market drawdowns through actively managed accounts is in the best interests of our clients.

Insurance and Annuities

Most Americans believe that life insurance only has one benefit: a death benefit. In other words, most people think they have to die for life insurance to be of any use to them. Many of our clients, however, are well aware of the living benefits that a properly structured life insurance contract offers. For example, did you know that a cash value or permanent life insurance contract offers many of the following benefits?

  • Tax deferred growth
  • Tax free distribution
  • Competitive return
  • High contributions
  • No loss provisions
  • Guaranteed loan option
  • Unstructured loan repayment
  • Liquidity use and control of your money

We are contracted through several national carriers to offer our clients some of the most cutting edge insurance products in the industry, including both life insurance and annuities.


In addition to superior financial products and services, RMCI Financial Services is proud to recommend tax preparation from RMCI Tax Service. In addition to expert tax preparation, you will find they offer very competitive pricing. Moreover, we believe that any financial plan absent a review of your tax return is incomplete. Please feel free to contact RMCI Tax Service directly to schedule a tax appointment.